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Sport Sessions

As part of our Commonwealth focus the pupils at Comely Park will have the opportunity to sample a variety of Commonwealth sports. We hope to allow all pupils to haev a taster session in one of teh sports but unfortunately not all pupils will be able to participate in all of the activities.  So far we have organised a series of 4 week sessions on the following sports - 

  • Swimming - Primary 4
  • Athletics - Primary 6
  • Cross Country - Primary 5, 6 & 7
  • Badminton - Primary 4 & 5
  • Hockey - Primary 3
  • Lawn Bowls - Primary 2, 4, 6 & 7 
  • Netball - Primary
  • Rugby 7's - Primary 3
  • Table Tennis - Primary 4 - 7.
  • Archery - Primary 6& 7
  • Basketball - Primary 6 & 7
  • Cricket - Primary 5
  • Soft Ball - Primary 2
  • Fencing- Primary 4-7
  • Squash - Primary 6 & 7
  • Tennis - Primary 5 & 6
  • Judo - Primary 6 & 7
  • Waterpolo - Primary 6

Watch this space - more sports to be added.

L?awn Bowls

As part of our Commonwealth project pupils from primary 6 and 7 have been going to Adrian Bowling Club every Friday.


New Skills

Most of the pupils attending the sessions have never played lawn bowls before.  They have been learning lots of new skills and are all really enjoying this experience.

Adrian Lawn Bowls

Did your child enjoy the Lawn Bowls sessions?

Would they like to do more?

Where? Adrian Bowling Club, Pleasance Square, Falkirk, FK1 1BQ

When? Saturday 10AM – 12 noon

Week Beginning- 21st April 2014

Who? Everyone welcome, bring along your parents and grandparents.

Cost - Free

Primary 2's

Pupils in primary 2 are also going to get the opportunity to try their hand at lawn bowls during May and June.  We hope they enjoy it as much as the primary 6 and 7 pupils have.

Fencing in Primary 4

The pupils in Mrs Duncan's Primary 4 class are enjoying learning about a new sport - Fencing.

Every Thursday

They are participating in a 4 week block of fencing which will take place every Thursday afternoon.  


Mrs Duncan's class are also going swimming every Thursday morning. They are developing their skills in the water. 


Primary 6 and 7 pupils have been given the opportunity to participate in a block of 4 squash sessions on a Thursday lunchtime.

Mr Hutton

Mr Hutton, a retired teacher has kindly offered to help Mrs Gallivan with the 4 sessions.  He has marked out a court in the games hall for the pupils to practice on.  The pupils are really enjoying the sessions.


Mrs Thomson and Miss Cain have set up a lunchtime netball club for pupils in Primary 4-6.  


They are entering a competition on Thursday the 13th of March.  Good luck to everyone paticipating.


As part of their Golden Time pupils in primary 6 and 7 have been given the opportunity to participate in a block of 4 archery sessions.

MRM Archery

MRM Archery are coming to the school to help the pupils to develop their archery skills.  They have been learning about the different equipment used and how to accuratly shoot at the target.


Safety is extremely important in archery. The pupils have been listening well to the safety rules.  They are reinforced each week.