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Internet Safety

In the next few sections, you will find links to useful websites relating to Internet Safety. Many of these sites are used in school to highlight safe use of the internet. Although children may be familiar with these sites, we must encourage parents to supervise their children when using the internet at home. The internet is a fantastic learning environment for everyone but the risks and dangers of using it must be highlighted both at school and at home to ensure that children get the best possible learning experiences from it.

Please let us know if you have found any other useful websites relating to Internet Safety and we can add them to our website.

We have added a link below which will take you directly to the Parent's section of the Think You Know website. Here you will find lots of tips and advice on keeping your child safe when online.

File icon: pptx Internet Safety for Parents [pptx 3MB] Click to download

Think You Know

An excellent website that has different sections for a range of age groups and for Parents and Carers. The site has lots of information and activities including games, surveys, FAQs and general advice. Take your time to browse the site, there is lots to see!!

Stay Safe

This website has a section on Internet Safety which gives general advice about staying safe. It also has links to other useful interenet safety websites and it has some fun activities for children including a quiz about Internet Safety.


A fantastic website that has information on a huge range of subjects relating to internet safety including how to be safe when social networking, file sharing, chatting online and even safe mobile use. There are games, quizzes, top tips and links to other websites as well as an advice section for parents and carers.


Know it all

This website is specifically for parents and carers. The site shows presentations and gives advice on how to ensure safety for your children when using the internet.


Newsround Special Report: Caught in the web

Newsround has put together a special programme all about staying safe on the internet.

Called Caught in the Web, it tells the story of a girl who gets into trouble after her virtual life in an online chatroom spills into the real world.

Newsround has other information about staying safe on the web including a Q&A section and past stories. Take time to have a browse to see all of the different information.

CBBC Being Safe online

CBBC site with links to games, quizzes, songs and fact sheets. Also has downloadable wallpapers and screen savers for home computers relating to Internet Safety.

Link: CBBC Stay Safe

Chat Danger

A site all about the potential dangers on interactive services online like chat, IM, online games, email and on mobiles. This site has lots of examples of real life stories, advice and safety tips and would be useful for children and parents/carers to browse together.

Link: Chat Danger

Blog Safety

Childnet’s Blogsafety website gives information about blogging and social networking.

On this website you will find useful information on how to get the most out of using blogs and learn about how to use the new social networking websites safely and positively. On this site there is important information for parents and children and young people.

Link: Childnet International Blog Safety