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Curriculum For Excellence Progress At Comely Park

Scottish Education is changing from one based on the 5 to 14 Guidelines to one based on a 3 to 18 curriculum. This new curriculum is known as:


This curriculum reflects what we value as a nation and what we seek for our young people. It is designed to convey knowledge which is considered to be important and to promote the development of values, understanding and capabilities. It is concerned both with what is to be learned and how it is taught. It should enable all of the young people of Scotland to flourish as individuals, reach high levels of achievement, and make valuable contributions to society. The four words engraved on the mace at the Scottish Parliament are – wisdom, integrity, compassion and justice. We incorporate these values in to our work at Comely Park.

A Curriculum for Excellence aims to:

  • Make learning active, challenging and enjoyable
  • Be concise and not over-crowded with content
  • Connect the various stages of learning from 3 to 18
  • Encourage the development of high levels of accomplishment and intellectual skill
  • Ensure that assessment supports learning

Each child has an enormous capacity for learning and the potential to achieve in different ways. A Curriculum for Excellence aims to nurture the following capacities in our children.

  • The capacity to be a successful learner
  • The capacity to be a confident individual
  • The capacity to be a responsible citizen
  • The capacity to be an effective contributor to society

Pupils in Comely Park are already aware of these capacities as we use them within school in structuring our work. Our celebrating success work is geared around the four capacities and our school aims are directly linked to them(see over).

We are still at the early stages of our journey along the curriculum for excellence but we are well on track. We will keep you posted on our progress over the session.