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Comely Park School Statement Of Aims

In line with Falkirk Council’s Learning to Achieve Policy and through a partnership of teaching and non-teaching staff, parents carers ,the Integrated Learning Community and other agencies. Comely Park aims:

To develop successful learners through nurturing:

  • enthusiasm and motivation for learning
  • determination to reach high standards of achievement
  • openness to new thinking and ideas.
  • life long learning

To encourage children to become responsible citizens showing respect for self and others by making informed choices and decisions.

To teach the secure values and beliefs needed to develop confident individuals who will achieve success in different areas of activity.

To equip everyone in our school with the qualities needed to become effective contributors able to communicate in different ways and settings.

5. To ensure the highest possible standard of educational attainment by equipping all involved with the core skills and positive attitudes necessary for future success.

6 . To enable children to apply the physical, emotional and social skills needed to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

7. To promote and nurture the vital partnership between parents, carers, the community and our school.

The Aims of Comely Park are derived from and commensurate with the National Priorities and the Curriculum for Excellence as issued by the Scottish Executive. They have been shared with staff, pupils and parents.
Our aims will be reviewed every third year and our next review is scheduled for 2012.